Chinese man stuck in South Korea after 4-year-old son draws all over his passport

Image of a passport allegedly defaced by a four-year-old, preventing his father from leaving South Korea.

You gotta love that age when kids realize that drawing on everything is a good idea. But for one Chinese father, he's likely not so thrilled at his son's newly-discovered artistic impulses.

A Chinese man known only as Chen may be stuck in South Korea for some time after his 4-year-old son drew all over his passport, the NY Daily News reports, making it an "unrecognizable document."

The family was on a trip to South Korea when their son decided to make an art project out of his father’s passport by drawing all over it in black pen. He drew some animals, scribbled out much of the documents information, and even drew on his father’s picture, giving his some extra hair and a beard.

The picture, along with a plea for help was originally posted to Weibo, China’s social networking site and is certainly drawing attention over the Internet.

Because of how precise the scribbles are, taking out all of the identifying information on the passport, some are claiming that the defaced photo is actually a hoax. Some are arguing that because the ink isn't smeared, as you'd expect from a child, it has actually been done in MS Paint, and wasn't drawn on the actual passport at all.

Nevertheless, if it is true, the next time this man travels with his family he might want to consider keeping his passport on him at all times…and maybe buy his son a coloring book with some crayons.

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