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Cold snap! Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at L.A.’s chilly temperatures

Ignore that well-below-zero chill this morning, folks, and think instead of the poor cold Californians.

It's been pretty chilly in Los Angeles lately and according to a news-coverage mashup by Jimmy Kimmel's team, the city's been pretty wimpy about it.

"It was 30 below [-34 C] in Colorado today," Jimmy Kimmel said in the video. "Whereas, we had a high of 60 degrees [15 C], and everyone is talking about how cold we are."

"Frigid temperatures" for some are most Canadians' "spring," it seems.

Watch below.


It should be noted that in parts of northern California, temperatures did dip dangerously low and have been blamed for the deaths of four homeless people.

In L.A., however, temperatures were merely what we call mild — around the 10 C mark — and, apparently, were responsible for tinier than usual oranges, a breeze that ruffled hair, leaves blowing in the wind, and the very real possibility of snow "if the temperatures dropped just a little bit more."

In other news, the borough of Manhattan now has cockroaches that are resistant to the freezing cold. Merry Christmas, New York City!

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