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Cruel prankster puts glue on Home Depot toilet seat, woman gets stuck

On November 27, Illyanna De La Keur, 40, of Banks County, Georgia, took a quick break from shopping at her local Home Depot to use the store's ladies room.

What she didn't know: a cruel prankster had smeared Loctite glue on the toilet seats.

She got stuck.

It took up to 25 minutes before anyone came to her rescue, and another hour of the "really embarrassing" process of getting unstuck by emergency workers.

"The bathroom is unsanitary," she told WSB-TV, criticizing the way the situation was handled. "There were people in there. There were men in there. Everybody was sticking their head in. And here I am with somebody rubbing WD-40 on me and pulling me loose from the seat."

"I couldn't understand why they weren't just taking me to an emergency room and having a doctor remove it," she added.

De La Keur was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. She is still recovering from her injuries and finds it difficult to walk.

"I'm a grown woman who can't even sit up," De La Keur said.

The store manager found an open bottle of Loctite GO2 glue in a brown paper bag on the bathroom floor shortly thereafter. The other two toilet seats in the washroom were also covered in the glue.

A Home Depot representative told WBS-TV that the company has left De La Keur two voice messages and has mailed her a letter. A third party is now handling the case.

Banks County investigators are also on the case.

According to a statement by Deputy Carissa McFaddin, "This incident is still being ruled as an open investigation. Other individuals are being scheduled to be interviewed regarding the situation at hand. Investigators are seeking additional evidence at this time. Currently, we do not have any suspects in this case."

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