Detailed animation depicts San Francisco airplane crash

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

An animation of an airplane crash at San Francisco International Airport is giving viewers an elaborate look at how a deadly event might have unfolded.

Two teenagers on their way to summer camp, Wang Linjia and Ye Mengyuan, died on July 6 when their Boeing 777 from Shanghai with a stopover in Seoul, South Korea crashed at the airport, according to the Associated Press. The crash landing also injured many others.

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Now a former pilot who runs a forensic animation company has recreated the disaster in a detailed animation showing what might have happened — and what should have happened.

The one-minute video by Eyewitness Animations shows a graphic representation of the plane heading toward the runway as another, blue image of a plane hovers above to demonstrate how an airplane normally descends to the ground.

The crashing plane lowers too soon in the animation, hitting the ground tail first and skidding out of control before catching fire. The description notes the video depicts the ghost plane moving at the same speed as the plane that crashed, although a real plane landing properly would have moved much more quickly. The company wrote it would keep updating the video as new information emerges.

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Associated Press reported investigators are analyzing how communication between pilots might have contributed to the crash. One pilot in training said a light blinded him just before impact, according to the news wire.

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