Dog and lion cub share a beautiful friendship

Honey and Kwanza, dog and lion friends.

Honey and Kwanza tumble together, playfully nip at each other's fur and run around in the grass, hardly noticing that one of them is a dog, the other a lion cub.

They live together at Darling Downs Zoo in Pilton, Queensland, Australia, which is also home to parrots, pythons and a whole host of other animals. The video description says the pair became best friends after the white lion's mother stopped producing milk and the zoo owners began to raise him.

The dog, Honey, playfully wrestles with the lion, who sometimes chews on his friend's leg or growls the tiny beginnings of what will one day become a mighty roar.

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This sharp-toothed beauty was born on Nov. 12, 2012, according to the video description, making him 4 months old today.

Happy 4-month birthday Kwanza; please don't eat your friend.

As a white lion, Kwanza is a rare animal that's in danger from hunting, according to the White Lion Protection Trust.

However, he's not the only predator to befriend domestic pets. Simba the lion at the former Glasgow zoo in Scotland found friends in a dog and a rabbit, according to a video posted last year. The footage is 20 years old and according to the Yahoo! Sideshow blog, Simba couldn't stay friends with his domestic pals forever.

Even in the video, it almost looks like the lion is chewing on the rabbit's hind quarters. Now there's an intimidating friend.

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