Fisherman catches rare Halloween-themed black and orange lobster

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

He gave it to the New England Aquarium so it wasn't served up as a treat

Halloween may be most popular among human children, but sometimes dogs or cats get in on the action. And now it looks like a lobster has decided to dress up going as a character from Batman and even in Halloween colours. The only difference is this lobster has to wear her costume all year long.

A Massachusetts fisherman caught the crustacean last week and decided to give her to the New England Aquarium. It is what's known in the lobster world as a split being half black, half orange split perfectly down the middle.

Marine officials told The Associated Press the coloration on the one-pound lobster occurs once in every 50 million lobsters.

Lobsters of different colours have also been caught in Maine, Rhode Island, Quebec, New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Nova Scotia over the past 10 years. In August, a Quebec fisherman captured an albino one in a trap. The fisherman was looking for a suitable home for Blondie so it didn't end up on a dinner plate.

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In June, a Nova Scotia fisherman posted an ad on Kijiji for an electric-blue lobster after being turned down by an institute of oceanography. He posted it sort of as a joke, but on the condition that it didn't end up on a dinner plate.

While reports of different-coloured lobsters used to be rare, they have jumped considerably in the past few years. In addition to white and blue lobsters, fishermen are hauling in ones that are orange, yellow, calico and even two different colours.

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Michael Tlusty, research director at the New England Aquarium in Boston told CBC he believes the increase may be attributed to the rise of cell phone cameras and social media, plus the overall haul increasing.

The odds of snagging a black and orange lobster is about 50 million to one. An estimated one in two million are blue, one in 10 million are red, one in 30 million are yellow and one in 100 million are albino. They are the rarest of all lobsters.

Because the black and orange lobster was given to an aquarium, she won't be served up as a treat.

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