‘Forward’ video creates dizzying backward motion

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A new YouTube video wants to question your idea of which way is forward.

The video, credited to filmmaker Messe Kopp, flips the world to reverse as a man walks backward — which looks like forward — through the streets of Jerusalem.

It's set to the song White Lies by Fred V & Grafix.

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Someone sweeps a pile of leaves that seem to magically form the filmmaker's name before the camera swings around to a man who's wet and covered in cake, lying on a mat with no shirt on.

He rises up from the mat, the cake sucks itself from his face back onto the plate and the bucket of water retrieves its contents with a mind-bending swirl. Meanwhile, as he walks down the street, everyone else walks backward. Cyclists move around him, circling backward.

They clearly missed the memo about which way was forward.

Trying to mentally follow each movement as it actually happened in order to create the bizarre effect is a tax on the brain. Instead, watch the reverse video, aptly entitled "The Wrong Way Around."

The second version is even more impressive, in some ways, because you realize it must be tricky to walk backward in a straight line while destroying things, undressing and spinning about yourself.

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The video was filmed in one take.