Game show contestant spends winnings fast to keep them from his estranged wife

Scott Brown won $80,000 on 'Deal or No Deal' and spent it in less than four months

A British man must have felt like Montgomery Brewster after winning almost $80,000 on the show Deal or No Deal because he spent his winnings in a hurry.

According to The Inquisitr, Scott Brown was so determined to not give a penny of his small fortune to his estranged wife, Rachel, that he spent as much of the money as he could in the four months between the time the show was filmed and it aired.

The couple, who have two children, married in 2009. According to the Daily Mail, Rachel asked him for a divorce on Christmas Day, 2011, when he allegedly learned she was having an affair with a truck driver she met on the Internet. Brown had moved out and was sleeping on the floor of his parents' house in April when he learned he was going to be a contestant on the game show.

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"I was over the moon to have won that amount. I was told Rachel could lay claim to it so I decided, 'She is not getting a penny,'" Brown told the Daily Mail. "How does she have the right to this money? My life has broken apart; I can't see my kids every day anymore and I have lost everything I have worked for over 11 years."

So just like the main character in Brewster's Millions, Brown had a lot of money to spend quickly and quietly. But it seems like he had more fun spending the money than Brewster.

The 33-year-old sign manufacturer first cleared all of his debts, which amounted to about $24,000. He sent aside some money for legal costs to get divorced, bought stuff for his kids and he paid for an electrician's course to start a new career.

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But he admits to spending most of the money on "having a good time." He bought an iPad, went on vacation to Mexico and purchased a used Jaguar.

Just as Brown suspected, as soon as the show aired his wife went to court hoping to get her share of the winnings. Brown was ordered to detail how the money was spent and an injunction ordered him not to spend any of the remaining cash.

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