Gang of Chihuahuas terrorize streets in Arizona

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Photo by: Mary Bloom
This popular pup is a native of Mexico, which explains why the most common name for male Chihuahuas is Chico. Other popular monikers, in order of popularity: Max, Peanut, Buddy and Gizmo. Meanwhile, female Chihuahua names are a bit more generic, with Bella taking the top spot, followed by Chloe, Daisy, Princess and Coco.


That’s right, there’s a new gang in town. Hold on to your tacos, because these guys mean business. Did I mention they were little Chihuahuas?

Animal control workers in Maricopa County, Arizona, have received over 6000 calls complaining of wild packs of Chihuahuas.

Hide your kids. Hide your wife, because they’re coming to find you!

Apparently these gangs of Chihuahuas have taken over the streets of Maryvale, chasing joggers and children on their way to school. There’s nothing better than a mangy, yappy Chihuahua on your heels to get you in gear on your way to school, right?

The Chihuahua is the breed of dog that ends up in the Maryvale animal control kennels the most because there are so many of them that are homeless.

Part of it is these animals aren’t spayed or neutered so they’re out looking for a mate and having babies, which contributes to the problem,” says animal control worker Melissa Gable.

The problem is, most of the animal rescue facilities are already overcrowded so they don’t know what to do with the critters once they catch them. There isn’t a real demand for Chihuahuas, especially ones that bark and chase down small children.

Officials are doing what they can to deal with this pack of pooches, but residents are not happy; they want something done.

Maybe just open up a Taco Bell to lure them all inside. The Chihuahuas won’t be able to resist that new Doritos Locos Taco — problem solved!

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