Video of girl dancing in Los Angeles airport goes viral

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

No one can shake off the lonely holiday blues like this woman, who boogied her way around the LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California.

The YouTube video description says her name is Angela Trimbur. She rocks out like no one is watching. In fact, hardly anyone in line even turns to look at her, even when she dances right up to them.

Trimbur wrote that she recorded herself dancing at the airport because she was feeling down over the holidays.

"I had a pretty lonely holiday... I didn't get to go home to see my fam this year & was really bummed, so I went to dance around people who got to do so on their way back from holiday vacay," the description says.

She rocks out to the song Telephone by the Black Angels, at one point laying flat on the floor and reaching out to people passing by. A man she reaches for glances briefly, uninterested, then walks away.

The video has more than 1,190,000 views so far and it was uploaded on Dec. 31.

Her December 2011 "dance like nobody's watching" at a laundromat video had more than 1,700,000 views. And she's not the first to entertain YouTube with impromptu public dancing. The Apple Store is iJustine's chosen locale for prancing around while her friend turns a lovely shade of red in embarrassment. Watch it in a video below.

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