Hamilton police officers praised for handling tough arrest with class

An eight-minute-long video shows Hamilton Constables Mark Morelli and Chantelle Wilson subduing and arresting a screaming, non-compliant woman on Sunday morning.

The video has been seen almost 200,000 times since it was posted yesterday.

Titled Honest Cops, the eight-minute-long video shows Hamilton Constables Mark Morelli and Chantelle Wilson subduing and arresting a screaming, non-compliant woman on Sunday morning.

At one point, the woman yells to the cops: "I hope everybody sees this!"

Well, we did — and the cops are the ones who look good.

The cameraman, who is the woman's coworker, keeps asking why they're using force, implying that the officers' actions were inappropriate:

"She's only a weak girl!"

Not only does Morelli keep calm throughout the arrest, he takes the time to explain his actions to the camera after the suspect is finally in the back of the police cruiser.

"Unfortunately, she decided to try to resist arrest…and while it may look and appear to be something much worse than it is, it is only because she is resisting so violently and flailing around on the ground," Morelli said after the 21-year-old woman was in the back of the police car. "I'm doing my best not to hurt that girl."

"Our mandate is to effect arrests doing the minimum amount of damage to people as possible. That's what I tried to do, no matter what it may appear," Morelli added. "I can assure you, I used soft hand techniques…I didn't punch her, I didn't throw her to the ground, I grabbed her and she began to struggle. I'm not going to get into a long wrestling match with a young girl, because the longer she fights, the more likely that one of the two of us going to get hurt."

Morelli even protected the suspect's privacy as he spoke to the camera.

"While it may appear to be very rough to you, I apologize for you having to see that, but I have the lawful ability to arrest her and I am obligated to arrest her," Morelli said. "I can't tell you why, and I'm really sorry about that, but she deserves some privacy too, as do the victims of her [alleged] crimes."

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After the video went viral, Hamilton Police received an outpouring of praise from people around the world.

"The girl being arrested is clearly resisting arrest, crying and screaming and carrying on, while the guy filming seems to be a jerk. It is somewhat amazing that the cop maintains his composure as well as he does," wrote Reddit user veluna.

"This officer didn't need to explain his actions, he was within the law and he still took his time to objectively explain the situation. This man deserves a raise, whatever he is making it's not enough." wrote TyrosineS.

"That video was an amazing sign of professionalism. Those officers are an amazing example to other law enforcement agencies," Keneth Hallum tweeted to the Hamilton Police.

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Hamilton Police Chief Glenn De Caire praised the officers’ response to the difficult situation:

"We have received emails this morning from all over the world, [from] China, Australia, the U.K. We have received over a thousand pieces of correspondence so far, and we're having trouble keeping up with that, but that's a good thing," he told CHCH. "[We’re] very, very pleased with the performance of our officers and both officers Mark Morelli and Chantelle Wilson have an incredible level of professionalism."

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