Hotel worker quits job with help from marching band

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

A lot of people dream about quitting their job in an elaborate manner, but most end up just handing their boss a resignation letter in polite fashion.

A worker at a Providence, RI hotel named Joey, however, is not one of those people. He walked in with a note, but he also brought along a bunch of his band mates to play him out after telling his boss he was quitting.

(Warning: This video contains coarse language)

"I worked in this hotel for 3.5 years," he writes on YouTube. "I worked while going to school full time to pay my tuition and living expenses. This was not a job I had for two weeks before quitting in a hissy-fit."

So Joey grabbed his band mates in The What Cheer? Brigade and marched into the employees entrance of the hotel and waited outside his boss's office. When his boss showed up, he immediately became enraged asking what was going on and demanded that the band get out.

Joey looked at his boss, said he was quitting, opened the note and dropped it on the floor as the band began to play. Joey the put his hands in the air and lead the band through the hallway and outside as they also chant "Joey quit."

This isn't the first time someone quitting has gone viral on the Internet. In August of last year, a JetBlue flight attendant made an announcement over the public address system, grabbed a beer, deployed the evacuation slide and slid down it to get off the plane. He was later hailed as a working-class hero for quitting in such a fashion.

That same month, a woman named Jenny quit her job at a New York office with a series of photos of her standing with a whiteboard. However, Jenny's story turned out to be a hoax produced by using an actress.

As for Joey, he writes that "this video is a hilarious byproduct of a long and ongoing struggle in the Renaissance Providence and hotels throughout the country."