Indonesian photographer’s snap shows frog holding ‘umbrella’

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Frog protects itself from the rain. (Photo courtesy Penkdix Palme/Facebook)

An Indonesian photographer's pictures of a frog who remembered to bring an umbrella have gone viral as viewers marvel at the little fellow's resourcefulness.

Penkdix Palme, a 27-year old photographer from Jember, East Java, was outside practicing his new photography hobby when he found a frog about two inches high holding a leaf over its head while rain poured, according to SWNS.

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The photos, one of which he submitted to National Geographic's Your Shot section, show the orange frog crouching beneath what looks like a homemade umbrella. SWNS reported the frog sat under the leaf for about 30 minutes.

Seeing it sit froggy legs out, nose up and arms wrapped around the stem, it's hard not to imagine the amphibian feeling smug at its own cleverness.

If a frog is tired of the rain, imagine how Brits must be feeling as rain, floods and thunderstorms pummel the country this week.

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Assuming the frog is indeed using the leaf for shelter, it isn't the only animal to employ tools. LiveScience once featured a list of creative animals, such as orangutans who build whistles and rodents who can learn how to use makeshift rakes for reaching food.