Insatiable Twix craving costs man his job

Twix-Loving Man Fired for Attacking Twix-Withholding Vending Machine With Forklift

Don’t you just hate it when you choose your treat of choice at the vending machine and just when you think you are about enjoy it, it gets stuck. Frustrating, we know.

You know who also knows? Robert McKevitt of Spirit Lake, Iowa, who worked a warehouse job for Polaris industries.

During one of his shifts, McKevitt wanted a snack. He decided a Twix bar from the vending machine was in his tasty future.

He inserted a dollar, and watched as the Twix bar get stuck on the spiral hook inside the machine. No need to panic. Most of the time you can just insert more money, and if you’re lucky, both treats will come out. Double the deliciousness.

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McKevitt inserted another dollar to free the Twix bar but again, no luck.

Twix bars are delicious; there is no denying that. But this man took it too a new level. After banging and shaking the machine to try to free his Twix bars, McKevitt got serious.

He got into an 8,000-pound forklift, lifted the vending machine into the air and dropped it on the concrete floor — not once or twice to shake the candy out, but six times!

Well, on the bright side, McKevitt scored three chocolate bars!

And what did he lose for those caramel-cloaked treats? His job as well as his benefits! The outcome was made public last month when the judge decided McKevitt had personal disregard for his employer’s interest.

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His story remains the same, though. He says he shook the machine so hard that he needed to forklift to return the vending machine to its original place.

Unless he’s The Hulk, shaking the vending machine would not have left the cracks in the floor where he dropped it six times. But sure, Mr. McKevitt, stick to that story.

Word is that the warehouse now has all new vending machines. Isn’t that just the kick in the face for McKevitt?

Speaking of new vending machines, you won’t believe what you can buy for a just a quarter from these new Canadian vending machines.

Seriously, between Mayor Rob Ford and the machines recently installed in Vancouver, people are going to think our country has a serious crack problem. How can you blame them?

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