Inspirational 12-year-old breakdancer’s story warms the heart

No matter what happens, there is joy in dance.

At least that's the message behind a new viral video called With a Piece of Chalk, which has already garnered about 700,000 views in the first few days since it appeared on YouTube.

In the video, 12-year-old Justen Beer overcomes a painful past with some breathtaking breakdancing moves on a chalked-out hopscotch board.

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"The little kid escapes his misery by dancing and playing and finally feeling free," filmmakers Julian Bam and Gong Bao told Mashable.

Bam and Bao shot the film over three days. Beer, whose amazing dance moves have been featured in a number of online videos, is a breakdancer with the group Hustle Kidz.

"We were not only fascinated by his dance moves, but also by his acting and his dedication during the shootings," the filmmakers said.

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There's little doubt this short piece has all the impact of a full-length feature.