Japanese toilet maker rolls out poop-powered motorbike

Leave it to the Japanese to turn out the strangest, yet somehow most ingenious inventions.

In fact, the island nation of just under 128 million people has become as famous for its unusual wares as it has for its impressive electronics industry.

Over the past decade alone, the Japanese have given us the Boyfriend pillow, a stuffed bit of fabric shaped like a man's torso and arm to offer solace to lonely slumberers.

And we must not forget duster slippers —dry mops attached to tiny shoes you then strap to your cat's feet to make sure Fluffers earns that Purina as he traipses all over the house (like he owns it.)

But the newest attention-grabbing patent to hit the market is likely to flush all existing weirdness competition down the chute.

That's because TOTO, Japan's leading toilet makers, have recently released an eco-friendly motorbike.

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Why is a toilet manufacturer dabbling in motorbikes is a question you may have just very reasonably asked yourself?

Well, there's an explanation for that. It seems the archipelago's demand for more environmentally sustainable vehicles has inspired the company to unveil a three-wheel 250cc motorcycle that runs on crap.

And not just any kind of crap either. The engine is powered by biofuel from converted livestock poop and household wastewater pumped in from Kobe City and Shika-o Town in Hokkaido.

The kicker? Each Toilet Bike Neo comes outfitted with a customized toilet seat.

As the mechanism is not engineered to run on human waste, the company reveals that the porcelain throne is more of a promotional gimmick than an invitation to forgo en route pit stops.

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So even though no human excrement is actually involved in the driving-from-point-A-to point-B process, drivers (who are into that sort of thing) can still take long, cross-country bike trips whilst strapped to the can.