Jasmin Klair of B.C. caught smuggling cocaine in car bearing ‘SMUGLER’ plates

The woman was also staying at the Smuggler's Inn just metres from the Canadian border

When trying to smuggle drugs between Canada and the U.S., it's not a good idea to be in a car with vanity plates that read "SMUGLER". Or stay at the Smuggler's Inn, which is a stone's throw from the Canadian border in Washington.

Department of Homeland Security agents received a tip about possible drug activity at a Pizza Hut near the inn in December. Agents were watching as the owner of the bed and breakfast pulled into the parking lot and picked up a passenger and then drove her back to the inn. His vanity plates read "SMUGLER".

At the inn, agents contacted B.C. resident Jasmin Klair who they described as "very nervous and erratic," according to the Seattle PI. Klair admitted to having a gift-wrapped box in the car and when officers searched it, with her consent, they found nine bricks of cocaine weighing 11 kilograms.

Klair told agents Gurjit Singh Sandhu gave her instructions and said he would pay her $4,000 plus expenses for the job. She was to go to Bellingham, just south of the Canadian border, pick up a package, stay at the Smuggler's Inn and leave the package outside the door to her room.

The Smuggler's Inn has rooms named "Al Capone" and "DB Cooper". According to MSNBC, Klair requested the "Captain's Room," which is about 50 metres from the border.

Agents then set up surveillance and saw a driver and passenger cross illegally from Canada into the U.S. and stop in front of the inn shortly before midnight. Agents saw them approach the package of drugs and when the men were close, agents arrested them. The men were Sandhu, who had given Klair instructions, and Narminder Kaler.

Klair pleaded guilty at the end of last month in U.S. District Court in Seattle to conspiracy and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. She remains in jail pending a May 29 sentencing hearing. Klair's co-defendants Sandhu and Kaler also remain in jail on similar charges.

The Inn's owner, Bob Boule, told the Bellingham Herald about 60 people are arrested every year going through the yard of the inn.

(Reuters photo)