Kid’s answer to math problem was marked wrong but the Internet disagrees

[The deliciously frustrating math problem/Yahoo Canada]

There are times when even a math teacher can be wrong, specifically when it comes to marking answers as incorrect. But for this kid that gave an “incorrect” answer to a math question, the Internet is coming to the rescue.

The following math problem was recently shared to Reddit with the caption “The American education system” and it instantly incited a flurry of confusion.

The questions reads: “Reasonableness: Marty ate 4/6 of his pizza and Luis ate 5/6 of his pizza. Marty ate more pizza than Luis. How is that possible?”

The student answered: “Marty’s pizza is bigger than Luis’s pizza.”

For many, the student’s response makes sense but the teacher ended up marking the answer incorrect because “5/6 is greater than 4/6 so Luis ate more.”

Redditors were quick to question the teacher’s correction and the overall wording of the math problem.

User AllUltima wrote: “This question is terribly worded,” and added that “Marty has a bigger pizza” is a “perfectly logical conclusion to the question as worded.”

Other Reddit users offered their own versions of a correctly worded question. “Marty and Luis have pizzas of the same size. Luis eats 4/6 of his pizza. Marty eats 5/6 of his pizza. Luis ate more pizza than Marty, is this possible?” wrote ConstableBlimeyChips.

Either way, the student still came out on top as one user pointed out, “the kid is actually pretty smart.” Now, let’s hope the teacher reconsiders and gives the student credit.