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The last thing you’ll see before being eaten by a penguin

It's not his best angle.

Adventure travel agency G Adventures' Antarctic cruise ship, the M/S Expedition, recently posted an unflattering self portrait a Gentoo penguin on Twitter.

While the group explored Antarctica, a bold penguin struck a "I'm going to bite your head off" pose for their GoPro camera — and became an instant online celebrity.

This is the second "bird selfie" to go viral this week, following an eagle's self-documented 110-km flight across Australia.

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GoPro cameras have proven to be impressively wildlife-resistant in recent months.

A Mako shark tried to eat a camera this summer, giving a group of Maryland fishermen intimate access to its jaws. (Lesson learned: stay away from sharks.)

And earlier this year, an Australian photographer's GoPro survived a lioness' attack, capturing her terrifying bite. (Stay away from lions, too.)

Watch a compilation of animals attacking cameras below.

And for the etiquette-minded, here's "The Animal's Guide to Taking the Perfect Selfie."