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Lawyers and politicians not welcome at lying challenge, would have ‘unfair advantage’

It's the sort of contest that could easily be skewed by a high volume of entrants in certain professions, but organizers already have that covered.

So, as the Associated Press notes, absolutely no lawyers or politicians are allowed to compete in the annual World's Biggest Liar Competition. They're seen as already having an "unfair advantage."

The rest of the annual contest adheres to a similarly playful tone.

Every November, tall-tale tellers gather at the Santon Bridge Inn in scenic Cumbria, England where they have anywhere between two and five minutes to spin the finest yarn they can muster.

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2camels.com reports that previous winners have captivated judges with stories as varied as mermaid farming to an impromptu snail-racing competition with Prince Charles.

Contestants will have to lie hard to beat seven-time champion John Graham, a Lake District farmer whose engaging delivery may only be matched by the quality of his fibs.

Popular lore claims the contest was sparked in memory of Will Ritson, a landlord of Wasdale Head Inn (formerly the Wastwater Hotel) during the nineteenth century.

Ritson gained local notoriety for the fantastic tales he would tell — few of which held even a sliver of truth.

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One of his most famous lies involves a foxhound that mated with a wounded eagle and went on to deliver a litter of dog-eagle hybrids able to "bound over even the tallest dry stone walls."

Now who wouldn't believe that?