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Man stages knife attack to impress his date; it doesn’t work

A man from Jonesboro, Arkansas, has provided strong evidence that love is not only blind, but stupid, too.

When Jeffery Tyler Siegel got himself a hot date, he wanted to make sure he looked impressive. So the 26-year-old man asked a friend to stage an attack on his date and him in the park, according to KAIT-TV.

The friend emerged from the woods wearing all black and wielding a knife. He told Siegel to surrender his date but, of course, Siegel fought off the sham attacker and had the cuts to prove it.

However, KAIT reported that when police were notified and started to investigate, the story quickly unraveled. Before long, Siegel was confessing to investigators that he had cooked up the whole plot to show his bravery.

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And the knife wounds? Siegel told police he gave himself the cuts, according to KAIT.

The police report, quoted by the television station, said Siegel thought a heroic rescue would improve his chances with the woman. Perhaps, he should have tried using flowers or a nice compliment first.

On the list of ways to court a date, staging a knife attack falls somewhere below handcuffing yourself to your love interest.

As for the date, she doesn't seem interested in offering a second chance.

She told the news station the trick "was not very heroic."

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