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Manitoba Wendy’s restaurant relegates 9-patty ‘T. Rex’ burger to fossil status

Burger lovers unite in mourning, for the T. Rex burger with nine patties sold at a Manitoba Wendy's restaurant has become as extinct as its namesake.

Wendy's Brandon, MB branch began to sell the towering burger after a fake advertisement in Sports Illustrated invented the idea nine years ago, according to the Winnipeg Sun. Customers asked, and so they received the nine-patty wonder sold for $21.99.

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The branch filled an order for one almost every day, the story says.

But the T. Rex burger met its demise after publicity led Wendy's head office to stop Brandon's branch from doling out heart attacks, the newspaper reported. Representatives read from a prepared statement that said the reasons for killing the burger were "obvious."

"Wendy's of Brandon neither condones nor promotes the idea of anyone consuming a nine-patty hamburger in one sitting," spokespeople said, according to the Canadian Press.

It seems encouraging people to eat a 3,000-calorie sandwich with 6,000 grams of sodium and 200 grams of fat wasn't the type of reputation Wendy's was going for after all.

Then I suppose the Brandon branch won't be taking its next promotional cue from Burger King in Japan, which once offered customers an unlimited number of bacon strips on their burger for a surcharge.

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I'd like to request a specimen for display at the Manitoba Museum, to give the T. Rex burger a place in history next to other great Canadian fossils.


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