Maybe baby: Creepy, hyper-realistic infant masks turn heads

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

It’s certainly an effective way to attract attention.

So for people who enjoy getting a strong reaction out of other people, a series of hyper-realistic latex baby masks could be the items missing from your attention-seeking wardrobe.

Just check out this video for visual proof of the stir you and your family could cause just by walking down a busy city street.

And if that doesn’t sufficiently stir up the creepy factor, this video of grandma and giant, fussy baby playing at the park should finish the job.

It will certainly cost you a pretty penny, though. At $350 a pop, each mask is handmade and designed by Denver-based artist Landon Meier.

Meier, a talented sculptor who appears to be drawn to the macabre, crafts the masks out of extra thick latex and signs each one for authenticity.

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On his website, he offers three different baby head looks: Happy baby, Cry baby and Disgusted baby, a trio of expressions he managed to capture with admirable realism.

If adult babies are more your thing, he’s also created a brilliant latex Charlie Sheen mask.

Check out Meier’s Facebook page for more examples of his work.

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