Meow! Cuddly cat cafe trend to hit London

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Would you like a cat friend with that coffee, sir?

The question might not sound so strange if an entrepreneur in London, England successfully opens the cat café she's designed.

Lauren Pears has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to open a café where patrons can step inside, order a hot drink and cuddle a kitty for a little while.

The campaign has raised £1,670, or about $2,680 in Canadian currency. It's a fixed funding campaign, meaning if it doesn't reach its goal of £108,000 within the next 45 days, contributors will get their money back. The fundraising goal works out to about $173 279 Canadian.

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The idea isn't new; the first such café opened several years ago in Taiwan, according to Pears' campaign video. The trend has caught on in South Korea and Japan. Pictures of fluffy felines sleeping on counter tops have circulated recently.

A Japanese businesswoman brought the cat café trend to Vienna this year.

Pears says she has fully designed the concept, which will feature Victorian-style decor in an atmosphere where customers feel spoiled and cozy.

For those concerned about cat hair in their coffee, well, no promises, but Pears says the Food Standards Agency, licensing officers and animal wardens have all given her the go-ahead.

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Pears says she's working with The Mayhew Animal Home to find cats who need homes. Ideally, the chosen cats won't mind being around many people at once. But we all know grumpy cats can also steal hearts.

Congested living and busy work schedules means many city-dwellers don't own pets.

For a £50 contribution, you might be able to have high tea with your next feline friend.