Must-see videos of the week: March 16-22

Before we delve into the typical videos that you'd find in this list, we begin this week's edition with a joyful celebration of life. We don't often require our Must-See Video viewers to have a box of tissues nearby, but in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day, we couldn't help but share this wonderful video from an Italian organisation called Coordown.

Mark this March 21, World Down Syndrome Day, by watching the story of a future mom who has learned that her baby has Down syndrome. Worried about the life that her baby will live, this mom-to-be contacted the experts, and the response she received was sure to put a smile on her face and a tear in her eye. I couldn't stop smiling after watching this video. In fact, I had to spring for the "I've got something in my eye" excuse when I was caught watching this video in the office.

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If you were watching the Toronto Maple Leafs game versus the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday night, you might have caught that awkward moment whan a fan darted onto the ice late in the game. To avoid indulging the culprit, TV networks often refrain from capturing such moments on camera. So what you often get are a few awkward shots of the players and coaches looking at the action. But since nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, it didn't take long to get some footage of this fan running onto the ice and sliding as if it were a slip-n-slide.

To some, the concept of a "ninja restaurant" is an easy sell. To others, particularly those who have seen the video above, the idea of an amateur ninja screaming as he places a knife to your throat doesn't quite beget a comfortable dining experience. But it's an interesting concept nonetheless. Personally, I'm less interested in the food and the terrifying table service than I am in taking the "ninja-path way" to my table.

For some of us, the intrigue of these GoPro videos lies in their ability to provide a first-person perspective of the stunts or tricks that we're far too terrified to try for ourselves. We still remember this guy who jumped over a jeep on his dirtbike, or the GoPro Bomb Squad and their death-defying base jumps. Acrobat Mathieu Bolillo uses his GoPro to display the dizzying effect of his CirKolution act. If you made it through the entire video without getting the spins, you did better than I did.

North of the border, the snowbanks along the sides of the road are typically responsible for thinning out our streets. But in Utah, it's the tumbleweeds that have forced the two-way traffic of this particular road into one lane. In mid-March, parts of Utah became overrun with tumbleweeds, and the fierce winds blowing across the state made for some unfortunate traffic conditions. We're used to seeing one of these dried-up shrubs as it gently blows past the main character in our favourite Westerns, but as you can see in this video, the land is strewn with tumbleweeds as far as the eye can see. And some of them are as big as a jeep.

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