Must-see videos of the week – Feb. 8

Jordan Chittley
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Check out the priceless reaction from this adorable baby after facing off with a ball machine!

From the largest annual human migration to a very lucky puppy that is alive after riding in the wheel well of a car for 16 kilometres, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Baby's mind blown by ball machine

Babies are often amazed by simple things such as an empty cardboard box, Tupperware or a string so it's no wonder this baby's eyes expand to the size of golf balls when he sees these balls moving around.

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2. Largest annual human migration underway

The Lunar New Year is Sunday and hundreds of millions of people in China are heading home to celebrate with family. It is the largest annual human migration on the planet. Some will travel by train, but with a limited amount of cheap train tickets available, many will pack onto motorbikes. Sometimes they will fit an entire family of three on one bike with all of their luggage. The National reported two years ago more than 700 million people travelled home and the peak day this year was expected to be Friday.

3. Senator Duffy snubs reporters

To say Canadian senators are taking some heat this week would be an understatement. Patrick Brazeau has been released on bail after spending a night in jail and being charged with assault and sexual assault and Mike Duffy doesn't know where he lives. Duffy claimed more than $33,000 in living allowances to maintain a 'second home' in Ottawa while saying his primary residence is in P.E.I. The problem for Duffy is that he has reportedly lived in the Ottawa region for many years and even votes there. Cameras caught up with the former journalist after a speech in Halifax. Duffy obviously didn't want to talk to cameras because he ducked out through the kitchen of the hotel and one of his aides pushed the camera out of the way. Certainly not what we would have expected from Duffy.

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4. Iranian jet turns out to be a toy

Iran released pictures and video of military officials surveying a brand new stealth fighter jet. They also released video of it flying. But an aeronautics expert on a blog called 'The Aviationist' noted that jet probably isn't going to lift off any time soon. He points out numerous issues including the cockpit without wiring, a pilot that won't fit in the seat and the back engine would probably melt the jet. Most people seem to believe the video of the jet flying is most likely a remote controlled toy. Maybe they have just been focusing their efforts on going to space?

5. Puppy goes for wild ride in wheel well of car

A two-month-old puppy named Pepe went for a wild ride underneath a car after not going back in the house. Pepe's owner Christina Ferrara left the house one morning and thought her husband had the dogs in the house so she pulled out of the driveway. She drove about 16 kilometres and when she got out of the car she saw Pepe's tail. Luckily a gas station attendant was able to raise up the car, take the wheel off and expose Pepe's hiding spot. To everyone's surprise the puppy was alive and hiding in the wheel well.

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