NDP candidate looks strikingly like a young Rob Ford

Joe Cimino poses with NDP leader Andrea Horwath at a campaign stop in Sudbury. (Facebook)

It's one thing to be unfairly compared to other politicians when you're running for office.

It's completely another when you're a splitting image for another politician – and even worse when that politician is infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

That's the dilemma facing NDP candidate Joe Cimino, who could be mistaken at first glance for a young Rob Ford.

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Cimino, who captured the NDP nomination for the Sudbury riding last October, served as a city councillor in Sudbury for seven years before jumping into provincial politics.

But beyond appearances, Cimino can't be mistaken for the beleaguered big-city mayor.

Unlike Ford, Cimino has a spotless record as a politician and has been endorsed by high-profile New Democrats like Thomas Mulcair and Olivia Chow.

“I didn't take the decision lightly,” Cimino told Sudbury Northern Life when he announced his decision to run provincially. “I had a lot of support and kind words from a lot of long-time NDP supporters, many of which have been friends of mine."

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Rob Ford's friends, on the other hand, have been recently exposed as drug-dealers and criminals. And while Ford is spending the next 20-plus days in a rehab facility, Cimino will be hot on the election trail.

Here's hoping Toronto-area Tim Hortons aren't among his campaign stops.

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