Need a cuddle? Ontario man launches professional snuggling therapy

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[Dan Oudshoorn/London Snuggle Therapy website]

This London entrepreneur has a fix for anyone looking to get cozy.

Dan Oudshoorn recently launched London Snuggle Therapy, opening his home to complete strangers in need of a non-sexual, physical touch.

“Few things can so ably confront loneliness, and the anxiety, depression, and low sense of self worth it brings with it, as affectionate physical touch,” the website reads. “No one is untouchable. Everyone deserves to be held.”

The 35-year-old professional snuggler started his business after discovering that some of his friends have suffered heartaches and miss physical touch. His children also helped the idea form, 106.9 The X reports.

“I have two kids and whenever they are hurt, I hug them and they feel better. Adults are just like kids, except we have hurt in our hearts,” Oudshoorn told the radio station.

In order to book a session, clients first need to set up a consultation meeting at a public place to ensure “both parties are comfortable with moving forward into this kind of physical, therapeutic relationship,” according to the London Snuggle Therapy website.

Sessions begin at $80 for an hour of cuddling and customers have a choice whether to pick the sofa or the twin-sized bed, according to The London Free Press.

“I honestly don’t have much of a preference. I’ve probably been the big spoon more than the little spoon,” Oudshoorn told The Gazette. “I’m all about finding out how the person likes to be held.”

In recent years, professional cuddling services have been popular in the U.S. and Europe, but have only just started to crop up in Canada, according to Oudshoorn’s website. 

His snuggle therapy is the first business of its kind in Southwestern Ontario.