Paraguay’s president, a former bishop, admits fathering another child

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Fernado Lugo's lawyer announced he fathered a now 10-year-old boy while still a man of the cloth

Ray Lewis, Shawn Kemp and Evander Holyfield have another member of the group of men who have fathered many children with many different women.

But Fernando Lugo isn't an athlete, he's the president of Paraguay and used to be a Catholic bishop.

World Church reports Lugo's lawyer announced the president is the father of a now 10-year-old boy. In 2009, he also publicly confessed to having a son with another woman and there are still two paternity cases pending from another two women. All the cases are from the time when he was working as a priest.

One of the women waiting for a decision told World Church Lugo has another three sons, all with different women.

The boy Lugo has just confessed to fathering is named Angel and has his step-father's last name, but Lugo's lawyer said he's working to give Angel the last name of Lugo.

"The kid knew that his dad wasn't going to reject him. He can't deny paternity, because they really look alike," said the boy's mother Narcisa de la Cruz de Zarate to World Church.

She lied in 2009 about having the child with Lugo and currently receives $650 a month from the president.

"More children will keep appearing," said one woman with a pending suit. "They say he has something like 18."

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