Photo of Titanic-sinking iceberg to be sold at auction

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

If you want to own a piece of one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history, but don't want to get in a tiny submarine with James Cameron, we have a solution.

A rare black and white photo of the iceberg that is believed to have taken down the Titanic is being sold by an auction house. They estimate it'll sell for more than $8,000.

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The 9.75 x 8 photo of the iceberg was photographed by the captain of the Leyland Line steamer S.S. Etonian, two days before the more than 1,500 Titanic passengers and crew lost their lives in the open Atlantic. The caption on the 100-year-old image indicates the exact position of the iceberg.

While this could be any massive piece of ice, RR Auction writes on their website the berg looks very similar to sketches drawn by Titanic crew. There are no surviving photos of the berg taken from the Titanic's deck. The iceberg in the photograph was spotted about two to three days travel time from where the Titanic currently sits on the bottom of the ocean.

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"In my professional judgment this iceberg is the one that sunk the Titanic," said expert Stanley Lehrer in a Daily Mail article. "The captain (of the S.S. Etonian) took the pictures because he was fascinated with the unusual shape of the iceberg. This particular iceberg had an ellipse on the top right of the iceberg."

The Titanic auction runs between Dec. 13 and 16. This photo is one of more than 400 items from the Titanic that will be up for auction including cushions, cutlery and a gold ring that is expected to fetch up to $25,000.

(RR Auction image)

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