Pushing 40 releases funny single ’45 is The New 15′

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

There's no need to put an age-limit on boy bands anymore, if you believe the middle-aged singers of a comedy single that touts 45 as the new 15.

The band Pushing 40, described as "middle-aged musical masterminds," released its debut single on YouTube yesterday. Musical masterminds might be a stretch but the song, "45 is The New 15," makes some good points about why being 45 is pretty great.

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Actually, the only point that's clear is if you're in a boy band with an average age exceeding 30, you're allowed to wear a hoodie in your music video.

The song is featured in the web series My Dad Is In A Boy Band by Warner Music Group.

The goofy song and accompanying video starts with one of the balding singers turning on his weedwacker and holding his back in pain. Another band member, who looks like the youngest, looks out the window in envy and says he can't wait until he's 45 too.

The rest of the song reminds us why we should be jealous of middle-aged men, their receding hairlines and their prostate exams. Namely, it's because they can drink, smoke whenever they want and they don't need to chase girls because they've been married for 20 years.

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But they have things in common with 15-year-olds too, apparently, such as pimples.

It's a glowing portrait of aging, really.