Quebec retailer Couche-Tard unveils ‘Pizzaghetti’ slushies

Quebec retailer Couche-Tard is selling 'Pizzaghetti" slushies. (Screengrab/YouTube)

Quebec convenience store Couche-Tard would have you believe that steaming spaghetti and cheesy pizza are the ingredients for selling a frozen slush drink.

Its new Pizzaghetti Sloche seems weirder than poutine-flavoured soda.

Pizza served with spaghetti and called Pizzaghetti features on many menus at Quebec restaurants, but Quebec residents won't find any pepperoni or meatballs in their frozen treats this summer.

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Pizzaghetti Sloche is little more than a marketing strategy, according to users on Reddit who said they tried the new slushies and identified the flavours as kiwi and strawberry.

Customers can pour from either the spaghetti or the pizza nozzle but the advertisements suggest combining the two flavours.

Still, the commercials could raise a few eyebrows. Spaghetti woman and her pizza lover are developing developing quite a connection here.

Couche-Tard has previously marketed flavours including swamp and beef.

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Reactions on Twitter suggested disgust and intrigue.

Misleading advertising and yucky flavour ideas aside, Couche-Tard is doing something correctly. The chain dominates the convenience store market in Quebec and it has recently opened 2,300 stores in Northern Europe, according to the Globe and Mail.