Ravi Fernando solves a Rubik’s Cube while juggling

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Fans have dubbed him Sir Ravi the Juggler but it isn't juggling alone that's brought this man Internet fame. Ravi Fernando juggles two balls and a Rubik's Cube simultaneously and within a 1.5 minute video, he can solve the cube.

A woman's voice exclaims in amazement as she watches off camera in this video that's been circulating the web since it was posted on Sunday.

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The video has almost 3,000 likes and slightly fewer shares on the Humans of Stanford Facebook page where it was first posted.

During the video, his friends tell an off-camera observer that Ravi is the only person who can do this trick, therefore they consider him an unofficial world record-holder.

In fact, others have combined juggling and Rubik's Cubes in performance, sometimes juggling with one hand and solving the cube with the other. A performer named Bret Wengeler uploaded a similar video a few years ago of him juggling two balls and a Rubik's cube while solving the cube.

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But there's something about the way Ravi seamlessly passes the cube through his hands, turning it with almost imperceptible flicks, that might make him the best Rubik's juggler yet, if that's even a real title.

One Facebook commenter asked a good question: "Did he put that on his Stanford application?"