Reporter Nestor Dib sucker punched on live TV

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

As we recently saw with superstorm Sandy and constantly see in conflict zones, reporting can be a dangerous job.

Television reporter Nestor Dib was covering anti-government protests in Buenos Aires Thursday when he was sucker punched from behind. And the man who punched him has little chance of not getting caught because the whole thing was captured on camera.

(Warning: Graphic Video)

A man who has been identified as Nicolas Ayuso came up from behind Dib, punched him and dragged him off camera, reports the Telegraph. But Dib didn't plan to leave his viewers hanging. He managed to break free and finish his report despite receiving a black eye as police moved in and arrested Ayuso, reports Gawker.

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Police arrested Ayuso a short time later, but he defended himself on Twitter, writing Dib and his crew were harassing him. Ayuso also ironically tweeted that his fellow protesters should stop being violent.

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People in Argentina are protesting against government corruption, inflation and rising crime rates. Ayuso didn't seem to get the point to part of the protest.

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