Take a ride on a seabird as it dives 45 metres for food

Thomas Bink
Daily Buzz

If you've ever wanted to hitch a ride on a seabird as it dives for dinner, you're in luck.

Dr. Flavio Quintana and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) managed to fit a tiny camera on a the back of a cormorant as the bird dives 45-metres underwater in about 40 seconds in search for food.

The video was shot in the protected coastal area of Punta Leon in Patagonia, Argentina — home to more than 7,000 of the birds.

In the video, the bird flies above the water for a few seconds before it begins its deep dive into the dark, murky waters near the ocean floor. It then scours around for prey before nabbing a fish and zipping back up to the surface to eat.

It's the first time this behaviour has been caught on film, and conservationists are hoping to use the video as well as archival tags and high-resolution GPS to track the cormorants' feeding areas to ensure there are sufficient protected areas along the Argentine coast.