Russian reporter falls in fountain while talking to camera

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

When reporters are speaking to the camera, they often don't notice things going on around them.

Russian reporter Valentina Zheleznaya was listing ways to cool off on a hot day. "Any solution is good against the scorching sun," she said right before she slipped and fell into a fountain while being filmed. By her reaction, we're guessing she cooled off right away. Yet, the two people behind her barely notice as they only slightly turn their heads to look.

She isn't the only one to have an issue during a standup. While there are countless videos of animals upstaging reporters and other things gone wrong on camera, here's one of our favourite.

In 2008, Global Toronto's Rob Leth was doing a report on sledding when a sled flew down the hill and hit Leth, throwing him into a flip. He landed on his side and managed to grab the mic to do his sign off.