Seal wrestling an octopus captured by photographer in Victoria, B.C.

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A photographer found a seal and octopus fighting in the water in Victoria, B.C. (Facebook/Bob Ianson)

When out for a stroll at Ogden Point on Family Day, Victoria resident Bob Ianson managed to capture quite the rare sight with his camera.

The amateur nature photographer saw a harbour seal doing battle with an octopus in the nearby breakwater, and immediately started snapping photos, according to the Times Colonist.

"It was incredible, it looked like he was bringing it up to show off," he told the Times Colonist about his surprising seal sighting.

"I've never seen anything like it. I guess we were there at the right time."

A photographer caught a seal and octopus fighting in the water in Victoria, B.C. (Facebook/Bob Ianson)

Ianson shared the photos on his Facebook page, where his daughter, Jenn, explained that the seal was the clear winner in this fight.

"He got some good chunks," she posted.

Ianson said he saw the seal repeatedly bringing the octopus up to the surface, prompting more people to gather around and snap photos.

This isn't the first time a harbour seal in the area has been seen with an octopus as its prey. The seals have been spotted hunting young octopi in the area over the last few years. Seals have also been caught on camera chowing down on octopi elsewhere, too.

Octopi might be the ones making the Super Bowl predictions, but it looks like these seals still have the upper-fin.