Terrifying trailer of world’s tallest waterslide

This screengrab from YouTube shows Verrückt, a new 17-storey waterslide planned for a Kansas City amusement park. (YouTube)

A water park in Kansas City, Kansas, is building the world's tallest waterside.

At 17 storeys high — that's taller than Niagara Falls — riders will have to climb 264 steps to reach its top deck.

Once riders complete the exhausting climb — and pass the point of no return? — the slide, named Verrückt, will shoot daredevil riders, on inflatable rafts that accomodate four, down its slippery track at a terrifying 65 miles an hour (97 km/h).

A drone-shot trailer released by Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts reveals the sheer terror that will be in store for all who dare to ride Verrückt.

Warning: If you have a crippling fear of heights, you might not want to watch.

It should be noted that "verrückt" means "insane" in German.

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"We have always been family-friendly, but this will attract those adrenaline junkies who are always looking for that next biggest, coolest thrill," Layne Pitcher, the park’s director of marketing and sales, told the Kansas City Star.

And, yes, the ride will undergo "extensive testing" before members of the public are invited to scare themselves on it.

"Safety is paramount to us," Pitcher emphasized. "We want to provide a thrilling ride, but safety comes first."

The 17-storey drop — the exact height won't be revealed until an official "measuring event" this spring — is set to break the height record currently held by the Brazilian water slide "Kilimanjaro," which stands at 163 feet, 9 inches.

The slide will open at Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark on May 23. Ride at your own risk. (And wear sunscreen. Don't get too crazy.)

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