Thieves plan jewellery heist, rob KFC instead

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Flexibility is a valuable job skill, even in the robbery business.

Two thieves remembered that wisdom on New Year's Eve when they planned to rob a jewellery store in Beaudesert, Australia, but ended up in a Kentucky Fried Chicken instead, according to ABC News. They robbed the chicken restaurant anyway.

Queensland police released a statement about the robbery, saying two men smashed through a bathroom wall at a fast food joint and threatened staff with a crowbar. They left with $2,600, according to the ABC report.

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The criminals probably went home and scratched their heads afterward, wondering how two masterminds such as themselves could have botched such a careful plot.

You see, there was a Wrights Jewelers next door to the KFC. If only the thieves had chosen the correct wall to knock down, they would have been met with precious gems instead of greasy chicken.

They made the best of the situation by regrouping and carrying on with the robbery at KFC. At least that's one life lesson these thieves have taken to heart, even if the benefit of following the law evades them.

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Two suspects, Dwayne Doolan and Peter Welsh, have been charged in connection with the crime. Police said they both had their first court appearance on Jan. 3 and will appear again on March 5.

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