New Tourism Toronto video shows city from whole new perspective

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

It's hard to tell if Toronto mayor Rob Ford's jaunt around Chicago is helping tourism, but a new video that shows Toronto from a whole new viewpoint may help boost numbers.

Ryan Edmond has produced a time-lapse video for Tourism Toronto showing the Big Smoke from multiple angles that make the city come alive at day and night. It's called Planet Toronto.

Planet Toronto from Ryan Emond on Vimeo.

He writes on the video's Vimeo page he was approached by Tourism Toronto and "They wanted to do something entirely different, they wanted to come away from the standard tourism video, so I figured I would step as far away from those videos as possible. I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to push my shooting style by employing a purely observational perspective."

He uses different techniques such as time-lapse and slow motion to capture scenes most people overlook every day.

At parts of the video the frames go backwards so it looks like the rain drops or leaves are being pulled up to the sky. We also get to see Nuit Blanche from high above and take a high-speed trip on the subway.

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"I wanted to represent how we move through the city; how the weather moves through it and how the city breathes, transforms and grows each day," he wrote. "Much like other cities, Toronto is a place you have to experience to feel the energy and emotion that pulses through the streets and neighbourhoods. I hope that I can give you a brief glimpse of the beauty, and motivate you to come explore for yourself."

This isn't the first time-lapse video to show off a major Canadian city.

Edmond previously produced Toronto Tempo as a tribute to a city he says he loves. "I've pieced together thousands of photos that I think capture Toronto's most beautiful skyline, and the essence of the lively downtown core," he wrote on the Toronto Tempo Vimeo page.

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He also created a video called Capital Cruising, which was used as an introduction to the CTV Ottawa 6 o'clock news. It was composed of more than 15,000 individual pictures from around Ottawa.

Wellknown Toronto photographer, Blog TO photo editor and fearless rooftopper Tom Ryaboi also created a similar-type video last month called City Rising. After a year of working with time-lapse video, he released City Rising to show the city through a new perspective, reports Urban Toronto.

While the videos I just mentioned are quite spectacular, Toronto Standard is calling Edmond's latest creation the best time-lapse video of Toronto ever.

Seeing Toronto The Good come alive like this just may entice the many Toronto haters all across the country to come visit and see what Hogtown has to offer.

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