Train runs over Czech woman, she climbs out and walks away

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A woman in Prague fell onto the subway tracks on Monday seconds before a train drove over her. Then she crawled out, dusted herself off and walked away.

Closed-circuit television captured the incident, showing a woman wearing a hood and standing on the edge of the platform, teetering forward and finally falling forward onto the tracks. It's unclear why the woman was standing so close to the edge.

Someone rushes forward to catch the woman but misses, and the train drives over her. But staff then pulls the woman out from between two subway cars and she stands up, apparently unhurt.

Agence France-Presse reported the woman refused medical attention and she wouldn't take a breathalyzer test. She told police she was just tired.

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A video from Spain documented another shocking moment several months ago when a woman fainted and fell onto a set of train tracks. A man ran onto the tracks and pulled her back onto the platform before the train arrived, most likely saving her life.

Last year, two drunk men survived being run over by trains in separate incidents. The first took place in April when a man in Thunder Bay, Ont., fell asleep on a set of tracks and woke up as a train was passing over his head.

In May, another man in Elko, B.C. also passed out drunk before a freight train drove over him, but he emerged from under the twenty-sixth car uninjured.

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