Turkish man trains for reverse driving record

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A man in Northern Turkey is training to set a world record for driving in reverse on difficult roads, according to ITV News.

Mustafa Mert, 37 told the news station he's practicing driving backward in Turkey's mountainous Rize province. A video shows Mert turning smoothly around corners on a mountain, navigating roads bordered by dense forest where a crash seems particularly dangerous.

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The driver told ITV he could drive about 30 km in reverse on those roads and he would be ready for a world record attempt once he reached 100 or 150 km.

The Guinness World Records website does not appear to feature a current record for the greatest distance driving a car backward on mountainous roads.

However, if Mert decides speed is what he's after, could try to beat the current record-holder for fastest reverse driving, held by British Darren Manning for driving a modified car 200 km per hour.

If he wants to upgrade his vehicle to a a semi-trailer truck for added competition, Mert could also risk his life in the hills trying to beat the record for longest distance driven backward in an articulated truck, which is 64 km.

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If anything is certain, it's that this aspiring record-breaker will challenge anyone who says he's not getting anywhere.