Twin girls find each other after being separated at birth 26 years ago

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Samantha Futerman and her twin sister were reunited after 26 years apart.

Have you ever been told you look like someone?

What if there really was someone out there who looked identical to you?

Fascinatingly enough, this was the case for two young women, who discovered they were twins from a world apart.

The two were born in Busan, South Korea and separated at birth. They were each placed in separate foster care agencies, adopted by different families and sent to different parts of the world.

Samantha Futerman was adopted by her parents in New Jersey, along with her other two adoptive brothers. She was just a baby when she was transported from South Korea to New York. There she grew up as an American and has now made a name for herself in the acting world.

She didn't know her twin sister, Anais Bordier, even existed. Bordier, who now lives in London working as a fashion designer, was also adopted as a baby and taken to France, where she was raised by her French adoptive parents.

Then, one fateful day, Bordier saw a YouTube video of a girl who had an uncanny resemblance to her own and began to wonder. She researched the girl she had seen on YouTube and discovered that they were both born in the same city, at the same time. Coincidence? Not a chance.

Bordier decided to take the next step and contact Futerman via Facebook.

When both girls realized this weird coincidence was the real deal, they decided to chat over Skype, and actually see one another face-to-face for the first time, ever.

“It was weird,” Futerman reveals in an interview with Good Morning America. “I feel like there was a strange calm and comfort as well, and something that I can’t really explain. We talked for three hours.” She described looking into Bordier’s face and seeing a mirror of her own features.

It didn’t take long for the girls to become close. They shared stories of their lives, their interests, boys, food, allergies and baby photos. Even after all these years apart, these two sisters instantly became best friends.

When they finally met in person for the first time in London, Bordier had to poke Futerman’s head to make sure she was real.

Since then, the two have united on a few different occasions. They have spent time together in Manhattan and Los Angeles. The two are working on raising money in order to film a documentary based on their experience as twins separated at birth.

I think I feel a lot more confident knowing,” says Bordier on the discovery of her twin sister. “It’s like, yeah, I’ve found my second half back,” she adds.

Futerman also describes the feelings she had when she discovered Bordier existed. She describes it as that feeling on Christmas when you open up all your presents and you got that one you were asking for. It’s that feeling of pure joy.

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