U.S. shoplifter caught on camera dancing while stealing

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Many people are guilty of feeling the music and doing a little jig while shopping, but one man has become an Internet hit after he was caught on a security camera busting a move while shoplifting.

The man can be seen waving his hands in the air while holding up woman's clothing and then shoving it under his shirt at a K-mart in New Jersey.

He was confronted by a security guard outside the store, but dropped the goods and took off before police could catch him.

So police posted the video on YouTube in hopes of catching the shoplifter.

"It's like the old days when you'd go to the post office and see the wanted flyers on the wall," says Det. Chuck Dougherty of the Gloucester Township Police to ABC affiliate WPVI-TV. "Now people can sit at their homes, sit on their phones and watch these videos."

While the police department hasn't nabbeed this thief, they have solved three cases in the past with the help of social media.

Even though the man dropped the dress, if caught he will still be face a retail theft charge.