Venice Beach pranksters bury treasure, then dig it up

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

The group had onlookers cheering when they opened the chest and revealed the fake gold

A group of pranksters got the best of a Venice Beach crowd after burying a treasure chest filled with chocolate coins and then finding it.

(Warning: coarse language)

"We went to Venice Beach to pull a prank pretending to unbury a treasure chest full of fake gold," reads the YouTube description.

Four guys strapped a old-looking chest to the top of their car and drove to Venice Beach in California. At 2 a.m. under the cloak of darkness, the group dug a massive hole and buried the chest. Before they buried it they naturally had to fill it with some booty, in this case, chocolate gold coins.

Later that day when the sun came up and the beach was packed, the men were scanning the beach with a metal detector when the stumbled on something. After a short period people were crowding around the hole and even helping to dig. When they finally open the chest, the crowd goes crazy and swarms into the hole.

At least these guys remembered where they buried their treasure. The same couldn't be said for a brain surgeon who buried an engagement ring in the sand while on vacation, but he forgot where he buried it. The couple eventually found the ring after seeking the help of a ring finder.