Young deer thinks it’s a sheep

A National Trust shepherd discovered this deer while counting his flock at Dunwich Heath in Suffolk, UK. The little guy decided to join in!

A deer in Suffolk, England is suffering from an identity crisis.

The young animal seems to think he's a sheep, according to the conservation charity National Trust. The organization posted a video of a red deer within a flock of sheep looking quite at home with his woolly companions.

The deer is almost imperceptible until the camera zooms in on him standing within the flock. He doesn't seem to understand what the fuss is all about.

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National Trust explained the deer's story in the video's description.

"Lost and lonely, a young red deer has bucked tradition and found himself a new family in Suffolk — a flock of sheep!" the description says.

The charity says a shepherd found the deer while counting his sheep. It looks like little Bambi lost his herd and decided try being a sheep for a while.

"He has been living, eating and sleeping with his 100 new friends for about two weeks now and shows no sign of leaving," the description says.

The sheep don't mind, they hardly seem to notice there's a stranger among them. National Trust wrote it hopes the deer's herd will wander by soon and he will rejoin his real family.

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In the meantime, he can practice his bleating and give the sheep lessons on leaping.

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