‘Canada Party’ offers viable candidate for U.S. Presidential race

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Brew

So far, the colorful candidates embroiled in the U.S. Republican race have provided hours of material for jokes for comedians, news satirists and late-night talk show hosts.

And now Canada is taking advantage.

This week, Canadian Brian M. Calvert and self-described American/Canadian "hybrid" Chris Cannon came up with a helpful "alternative" for our neighbours disillusioned by their political options. The Vancouver-based writers have released the following spoof video announcing the creation of the Canada Party, a new contender to bolster a field of lacklustre opponents.

The 90-second video outlines the reasons Canada should take over the reins of the U.S. government, citing our superior track record on health care, gay rights, employment, crime prevention, lumberjack fashion, and perhaps most importantly, Bigfoot sightings.

Calvert also takes an equal opportunity jab at our own leaders, calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper a "Muppet version of George Bush."

The video has gone viral since it was uploaded on Jan. 3 and the response has been overwhelmingly positive from viewers who recognize that it's comedy.

A number of American viewers, however, failed to see the humour, resulting in a predictable back-and-forth in the comments section.

Hopefully they will catch on in time for the next campaign video. Cannon says the pair is currently working on three more scripts, posters and stickers, but reveals - shockingly - the campaign lacks the multimillion-dollar budget of their competitors.

"It's all out of pocket, and as writers, we don't own pockets, so we just keep a quarter in each shoe for emergencies. Short answer — we'll do the best we can with our nonexistent

In the meantime, you can follow their progress on Twitter @theCanadaParty for regular updates.