Chief Theresa Spence pulls out of meeting with Harper, spokesperson says

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence has pulled out of a Friday meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.That's it. Call off the hunger strike, Chief Theresa Spence is refusing to meet with Stephen Harper.

The Attawapiskat First Nations chief, who launched a hunger strike 29 days ago to force the prime minister into a meeting with First Nation leaders, is now refusing to attend that very meeting.

A spokesperson told Global News that Spence will not attend Friday's meeting unless the Governor General is there as well.

This isn't an about-face, it should be noted. Not really. Spence had originally demanded a meeting with the Crown over the way First Nations communities are treated by Ottawa.

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She wanted Prime Minister Harper as well as Gov. Gen. David Johnson.

She caught the big fish. She was holding out for the figurehead.

Her presence at the meeting was thrown into doubt earlier Wednesday, with reports that she was displeased with the tenor going into the meeting.

Johnson had characterized Friday's session as a "working meeting." Spence wants something more substantial, including his presence as the representative of the Crown.

Spence has not, it should be noted, called off her hunger strike. She continues to subsist on a liquid diet. Although the purpose of her protest is now cloudy.

Spence has reportedly ordered some form of media ban after the release of a scathing audit on Attawapiskat finances. Now she is turning her back on a meeting she has been starving herself to create.

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She can demand Harper and Johnson dance Gangnam-style, up to the front of her tent on Ottawa's Victoria Island for all it matters now.

The plot is lost.