Drunk driving and escorts highlight latest Mayor Rob Ford allegations


Fresh off a contentious city council meeting that ended with Mayor Rob Ford being formally urged to temporarily step down and seek treatment for substance abuse problems comes yet more allegations of drunkenness, drug use and consorting with suspected prostitutes.

While Ford and his council colleagues spent the day arguing about exactly how bad the whole "Mayor of Toronto smokes crack" saga has been for the city, a judge has released more information from documents in a drug investigation tied to the mayor.

Some 500 pages of documents were previously released outlining the reason why police were seeking a search warrant against Alexander Lisi, a personal friend of Ford's who has been charged with extortion and trafficking drugs. Much of the document was redacted, but Justice Ian Nordheimer announced on Wednesday that some of that information would be made publicly available.

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And, boy, is there some crazy stuff in there. Here are some of the headlines from the fresh information gleaned from the documents, based on various media reports:

On the night Ford was spotted heavily intoxicated at the Bier Markt, he returned to his office with two women suspected to be prostitutes. A restaurant employee also saw Ford in a private room that night and described the incident in which he believed the mayor was using cocaine.

Later that night was a previously reported party at city hall, during which security had to get involved with a heavily inebriated Ford. Former chief of staff Mark Towhey reported being told Ford took OxyContin that night.

Towhey also urged Ford not to attend the Garrison Ball, a party he was asked to leave because he was too inebriated. He even tried to physically keep Ford from entering the party.

A staff member reported being in the car with Ford when the mayor drank a bottle of vodka while driving home from a football game.

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Wed, 13 Nov, 2013 4:00 PM EST
Former staffer George Christopoulos told police concerns were raised that Lisi was providing Ford with drugs. He also told police that, "Everyone was aware (Ford friend and staffer David) Price had a past of drug dealing."

Marijuana was once reportedly found in Ford’s desk at city hall.

Former staffers also told police they were called at odd hours and told to run personal errands like picking up Diet Coke, changing light bulbs and changing the batteries in his children's' toys.

Ford has said he had “nothing else to hide.” But that was before these fresh details of way more things he appears to have to hide. Which means that, yes, the Ford drama will continue for another day.

And now, all of the questions that Ford will refuse to answer will involve apparent prostitutes and allegations of drunken driving.

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