Iceberg Vodka is no fan of Mayor Rob Ford or ‘drinking and driving’

Matthew Coutts
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Photo of discarded Iceberg Vodka bottle, via police documents associated to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continues to lose support from things he hold near and dear. Yesterday his beloved Toronto Argonauts CFL team distanced itself from the mayor, after he made some wildly inappropriate comments while wearing a team jersey.

Today it is Iceberg Vodka. Of course it is.

Iceberg Vodka released a statement about responsible drinking after Ford admitted to drinking and driving on Thursday.

"I might have, I don’t recall, yeah, I might have had some drinks and I’ve driven," Ford told reporters in Toronto, before scoffing at the idea that anyone who not have a history of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

"I’m not perfect, maybe you are but I’m not, OK, and I know none of you, I know none of you have ever, ever had a drink and got behind the wheel, I know that, I know."

None of this is sitting well with Iceberg Vodka, a company that has been linked to the mayor through police documents, including photos of empty bottled believed to have been discarded in a park by the mayor.

The statement reads:

Given yesterday's development of Mayor Ford admitting to reporters that "I might have had some drinks and driven", Iceberg Vodka issues the following statement:

Iceberg Vodka whole heartedly believes that "if you drink, don't drive". Driving under the influence of alcohol is unacceptable and inexcusable behavior.

Iceberg Vodka is the largest Canadian-owned producer of vodka and we thank Canadians from coast to coast who enjoy our products responsibly.

Iceberg Vodka encourages all of our consumers to enjoy safely and responsibly.

Iceberg Vodka statement regarding responsible drinking:

— Iceberg Vodka (@iceberg) November 15, 2013

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Ford's admission to drinking and driving flew somewhat under the radar on Thursday, a day that involved Ford making shocking comments about a sex act he allegedly performs on his wife, a refusal to apologize for those lewd comments and a later about-face that involved dragging his wife in front of the media. Oh, and city council voted to formally urge Ford to step down and seek treatment for substance abuse issues.

Ford's admission is shocking, for one, because of the cavalier attitude he took to the revelation. But we should have seen it coming. When he finally admitted to substance abuse issues, the first thing he did was hire a driver. There are also several allegations linked to driving and alcohol made in police documents now released to the public.

MADD Canada responded to Ford's admission with this statement:

Driving under the influence of alcohol is inexcusable behaviour for any individual, let alone an elected official who is held to a higher standard and expected to set an example for the community and constituents.

We are thankful that Mayor Ford did not harm himself, or anyone else, on these occasions when he admittedly drove after drinking.

We strongly urge him to consider the tragic consequences that can occur when someone drives impaired. On average, 4 people are killed and 175 people are injured in Canada every day in impairment-related crashes.

First the Argos turn against him and now Iceberg Vodka. What is there left for Ford to do this weekend?

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